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Beck Oliver is just one of the 7 head emails of Successful

Beck Oliver is just one of the 7 head emails of Successful

He’s Jade West’s sweetheart and you may appears to be the best choice of the group. Due to their strengths and a-seems and particularly their fluffy locks, he could be very popular which have female (including more youthful mature girls). The guy and additionally seems to be most peaceful, smart, and you will mature at most times. His ability are acting and will getting named a pretty want Beard dating site review child.

Physical appearance

Beck is very glamorous, and then he gets many attention from other women and you will actually more youthful adult ladies, such as socialite Alyssa Vbulance driver during the Jade Dumps Beck, and Katie, the feminine director on Timber. Due to the fact present in A film because of the Dale Squires, as he claims he will be capable of geting certain cheerleaders in the future more and you can talk to Robbie, the guy seems to be aware of the result their appears provides to the opposite sex. However, Beck stays fairly modest about it, and it also appears that the guy merely uses their looks and come up with Jade jealous. He could be considered to be known as a great “rather guy” due to his appearance.

His locks are said to be one of his very attractive features, as previously mentioned for the Freak the newest Panic, Locked up!, Helen Rear, and you can Operating Tori Crazy. Jade even said on TheSlap you to she’d feel taking their serum and other points with her on a journey you to definitely week-end to ensure that the guy “wouldn’t look good if you’re she try moved”. For example is their hair’s reputation you to Tori Requires Desires #8 try seriously interested in watching when the Tori make they lookup ugly.


Beck is quite type, rational, soft-verbal, laid back, level-headed, mature past their years whom appears to get along with anyone, even some one for example Robbie, Pet, and you can Sinjin, that happen to be sensed somewhat unusual. Even when he does not usually get involved in crisis, he or she is small to aid anybody away, such as for instance when he fixed Robbie’s car into the A film by the Dale Squires, helped find the letters to spell Ke$ha in the Ice-cream getting Ke$ha, and you may performed Tori’s stunt on her behalf within the Beck Falls for Tori.

Regardless of if Beck has become the most normal and you can sane of all the brand new emails, the guy doesn’t speak much and appears to be quite hushed. His locker is clear so you can depict the reality that he “doesn’t have secrets.” The guy requires pretending most certainly, and you can thinks that pretending is truly on “maybe not pretending whatsoever, however, allowing the fresh new emotions inside of your come-out and you will depict minutes. ” (The Timber). Something else one to ways their silent, independent identification is the fact that he existence by himself inside the an enthusiastic Rv, rather than together with his moms and dads, thus he is able to has their own laws. Not much known on the their nearest and dearest otherwise record.

Beck try a highly talented and you can highly acknowledged star at the Movie industry Arts. Although it has been shown he can play a guitar, play, and you will dancing, the guy appears to be a great deal more concerned about pretending than simply music. The guy had second invest Sikowitz’s means acting challenge inside Sleepover during the Sikowitz’s and certainly will and additionally speak in various decorations well.

Even with their reference to Jade, Beck appears to enjoy the interest he gets from other girls (Pilot, Nut brand new Freak out, plus the Timber) and you will barely brings up the truth that he currently has a good wife instead of other people (always Cat or Jade) mentioning it first. Beck does not have a look as well concerned about just how it feelings impacts Jade, commonly dismissing her of course, if she brings which upwards, and you can seems to take pleasure in rilling upwards the lady jealousy and enabling the lady draw her own conclusionspared to his girlfriend, Beck doesn’t frequently get jealous easily, are as an alternative uncaring when it comes to Sinjin teasing that have Jade, but this can be more because of how unlikely it’s one Jade manage come back Sinjin’s feelings once the Beck checked some jealous by the Jade flirting with Moose.

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